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Team of Industrial Engineers

We Are Hiring a Range of Positions

Sound Engineer

  • Proficiency in audio engineering software, experience in live sound and studio recording, knowledge of acoustics, problem-solving skills, and effective communication.


  • A degree in audio engineering or related field is often preferred.

Lighting Technician

  • Expertise in lighting equipment, programming consoles, experience in lighting design, understanding of electrical safety, and effective communication skills.


  • A degree or certification in lighting design or technical theater is preferred, along with practical experience.

Visual Jockey

  • Experience in creating dynamic visual content for live events, knowledge of video editing and projection mapping techniques, and creativity in designing immersive visual experiences.


  • A background in multimedia arts or graphic design is preferred, along with a portfolio showcasing previous work in VJing or visual arts.

Party Planner

  • Strong organizational and communication skills, creativity in event design, proficiency in budget management and vendor coordination, and the ability to work well under pressure.


  • A degree in hospitality management or event planning is preferred, along with relevant experience in the field.

Marketing Designer

  • Strong visual communication skills, creativity in developing marketing materials, understanding of marketing principles, and a degree in graphic design or related field.

Stage Hands

  • Physical fitness, basic knowledge of stagecraft and technical equipment, teamwork skills, and willingness to work flexible hours.


  • Previous experience in theatrical production or event setup is preferred.

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